Supporting HIV+ families live longer, healthier and happier lives!

What We Do


In pursuing its Mission and Vision, Kadama Widows association carries out a number of activities including home based care, mobile clinic, support group meetings, Functional Adult literacy for adult, enrolment and retention of OVCs in school, outreach programs, savings groups, games like football, netball and karate as safe start for the OVCs, Focus group discussions, vocational training and positive self management program.


While serving the community, KWA like other social development NGO's has not been immune to the various challenges that these organizations have to contend with.

The first challenge was stigma and discrimination associated with HIV which made us lose some members who joined KWA when they were very ill and we could do very little to save them. This was because they had self stigma and could not come out to access services.

Some religious beliefs in the region discouraged the members from adhering to treatment in the context that God heals all illness and when they are not healed, they come back to KWA either too or half dead.

Domestic violence and HIV are closely related and these cases were very common and at 7% among our beneficiaries