Supporting HIV+ families live longer, healthier and happier lives!

What We Do

Mobile Clinics

The mobile clinic is specifically here to ensure that the health of the beneficiaries is improved by bringing health services closer to the people. Timely management of disease allows us to reduce the opportunistic infections, delay the progress of the disease, as well as ensure adherence to treatment. This is to enable them live healthier, happier and therefore more fulfilled lives.

The beneficiaries are treated from either KWA clinic premises or in their different zones ( Budaka, Kabweri, Kagumu, and Kirika). The beneficiaries who need treatment drop in at the clinic on any of the weekdays between 10:00am and 1:00pm. One Mobile clinic day in a month is allocated to the referrals that have been made to the clinic Doctor who comes once a month to the KWA clinic.

At the Clinic, the beneficiaries are registered, given permission cards, their history is taken, and for some malaria tests are carried out. The patients are examined, diagnosed and given treatment. Some are referred for further management. The patients are then followed up to ensure that they make positive progress. The clinic therefore ensures that there is a constant supply of treatment at the clinic. These drugs and materials are purchased early in time for use.