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What We Do

Functional Adult Literacy (FAL)

FAL generally involves Uplifting the Literacy level and standard of living of the beneficiaries through adult literacy classes. The beneficiaries are taught basic literacy, that is, how to read, write, spell, count, and speak some English. They are taught in both their mother tongue (Lugwere) and English. These Classes/lessons are given based on a syllabus designed by the Department of Disability and Elderly, Ministry of Gender, labour and social development.

The tie and dye skill involves teaching the beneficiaries how to design white cotton fabrique with patterned color using the tie and dye craft. This is to enable them attain skills that could be used to generate income hence become more self-reliant.


The previous lessons are reviewed and the previous homework is marked and corrected, before a new topic for the day is introduced. The students are then helped to practice writing, they are taught the topic of the day in detail before the students ask any questions. Their questions are answered before being given group work, exercises as well as homework.

Tie & dye is taught by first of all showing the participants the already made designs, then they are asked to pair up and are taught by demonstration as they also practice first to tie, then to mix the colour-including the measurements/ratios for the different ingredients- and finally dying the fabrique.


To empower members to learn how to read and write, for instance, their names; how to count, hence able to keep business records and balance their books of accounts in the most simple way. In the long run they are able to live more fulfilled lives.